Today Boris Johnson the PM of our United Kingdom is in intensive care fighting for his life as COVID-19 continues to ravage our communities.

This virus does not discriminate. The letter below arrived in this morning’s post. There’s an irony in its timing but a stark warning for us all. As I write this blog all our futures seem so uncertain.

My business, a small Cafe Bar in Mumbles was forced to close on the 20th March 2020 following an instruction from the UK Government that all pubs, bars, cafes etc should close with immediate effect. My day job is new business development at a Cardiff based advertising agency. On the 1st April (fools day of course – it was no joke) I along with 11 other colleagues was put on furlough leave.

Our health service is under huge pressure to cope, the economy is in free fall, our PM is fighting a personal battle as we continue to find away through this apocalyptic nightmare. We will get through this but the human and financial cost will be huge.

I wish you well Boris and I pray to god that you and others in similar circumstances have the strength to pull through. As a nation and society we must stick together, follow the guidelines, support the NHS and work tirelessly as one to overcome this deadly disease.

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